Hormone Therapy

A comprehensive approach to balancing the endocrine system is needed to be able to maintain good health. The converse is also true, that is, when hormones are abnormal, or are not optimized, we don’t feel well. Diagnosing hormone imbalances or suboptimal levels of adrenal, thyroid gland or sex hormones, are an essential part of understanding personal wellbeing, and searching for underlying causes of imbalances can often be the key to addressing a constellation of symptoms.

Not surprisingly, hormone imbalances often can be traced to gut dysbiosis, overgrowth of yeast, food sensitivities, gut inflammation, and immune system dysfunction. This imbalance can then be viewed as a consequence of an underlying fundamental problem with our relationship to our environment, including food, chemical, and other exposures.

Our goal is to tease out the complexities of these relationships and to help understand why someone may not feel “themselves” by looking at the gut, the immune system, the natural detoxification process and hormone balance. As a result of extensive interviewing, and testing, each patient receives a personalized prescription for “feeling better”, that invariably includes advice to heal the gut and optimize hormone function.

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