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John Smothers, ND, MH, FLT, BSME

John Smothers, a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Master Herbalist, is the creator and owner of Integrative Wellness & Research Center, which opened in 1997. Now located in Germantown, Tennessee, Integrative Wellness has become the hub of a long-standing, multifaceted, functional medicine practice. Dr. John works diligently in uncovering the root causes of disease, which are often missed by the traditional health care system. Additionally, Dr. John brings his expertise now to Cool Springs Family Medicine Practice in Franklin.

The same passion to achieve maximum efficiency that motivated Dr. John in his former engineering career directs him now as he guides his clients to overcome their health challenges and obtain a state of optimal health. Dr. John stays on the cutting edge of science in health and technology through continuous study along with participation in clinical seminars. Click here for a more extensive list of the training Dr. John has received.

He specializes in the treatment of the microbiome, autoimmunity, lyme, viruses, allergies, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular, cancer recovery, and much more. His first line of defense is utilizing a vast array of nutraceuticals, nutrition, herbs, homeopathic, and custom targeted diets to help bring the body into homeostasis. Vitamin intravenous therapy is also used to accelerate the healing response.

John loves motorsports and bicycling of any kind. He also enjoys snow skiing and water skiing, travel, and spending time with his family and pets.

John Smothers

4091 Mallory Ln #118 • Franklin, TN 37067
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