Our Focus on Wellness

In traditional medicine, there is great relief when the symptoms falls into the box and have a disease-name, because then a specific treatment, usually a pharmaceutical, can be given. So you have symptoms, which leads to a name (disease), which then leads to a medicine, and finally leads to an alleviation of symptoms. But does it eliminate the disease? Does it investigate the root cause?

What if you don’t “fit in the box”? What if your symptoms do not get better? What if you still feel bad, but you are told “your numbers look fine”?

Our understanding is that people don’t feel well, and symptoms emerge when the parts of the environment, such as food, and chemicals, cause inflammation which disturbs the gut, hormones and makes you feel sick.

Our practice focuses on understanding how the environment interacts with an individual’s predisposition and life choices. How can we improve our understanding of the impact that our food, chemicals, heavy metals, and spirituality and the impact these have on the expression of our symptoms?

We work with you to understand your unique body and how you can become more healthy overall.

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