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The traditional model has been:
Get sick → Go to the doctor → Get medicine to make you well

Healthy Lifestyles

But what if when you went to the doctor you discussed ways to avoid getting sick? What if you came away with information about natural ways to detox and augment your natural healing processes? What if you and your doctor looked at your whole family and, in turn, focused on your overall health, and not only the cause for that day’s visit?

This is our philosophy of health care. It’s different from what our patients may have been used to, but Integrative Medicine is a field that has been growing dramatically in the last 15 years and has been embraced by the biggest names in health care nationwide.

Cool Springs Family Medicine is Moving


Southern Hills Medical Office Building C
Suite 301
397 Wallace Road
Nashville, TN 37211

The office will be closed beginning Wednesday October
26th through Tuesday November 1st .

Phone messages and patient portal messages will be
checked periodically until Sunday October 30th .

On Monday October 31st and Tuesday November 1st ,
there will be no phone or portal access. The phone line
will be forwarded to a staff member for urgent issues
only: no appointments or medication refills.

The new office will open on Wednesday November 2nd .

We appreciate your patience during this transition.

Dr. Kalb will be the sole provider at the new office with a concentration on certain medical issues such as: Autism, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme Disease and Immune
Dysfunction Disorders in adults and children.

For patients of Anna and Samantha, please contact the office for an update on
their plans.

For any questions, please contact the office.